Lucerne’s Melissa Lischer currently lives in Zurich. In the fall of 2012 she signed a label deal with profimedia and on February 22, 2013, she released her first single ‘”Come Closer’, produced by Toby Meyer. A videoclip made for this wonderful folk pop song has had more than 70,000 views in the meantime. “Come Closer” was not only played on many radio stations in Switzerland but first and foremost in Brazil, where the song at times counted amongst the 10 most popular listener songs on one of the biggest stations.

Melissa was only six years of age when sh began to sing and make music with great. At sixteen she was lead singer for the locally known big band “Föhn” from Kriens (Lucerne), together with Lea Bissig. This was followed by first recordings and appearances in the Stadtkeller Lucerne, at the Lucerne Music Festival and the Willisau Jazz Festival. Several years of vocal training and an education as a singer/songwriter with Andy Dossenbach, the renowned Swiss song-coach, as well as lessons in piano and guitar molded Melissa Lischer into a musician with a terrific perspective for her musical journey as a solo artist.

At the beginning of the year 2014 Melissa Lischer was busy for weeks with the recordings for her debut album ‘The Creation’, released that same year. For the first single ‘Roots’ a video clip was filmed on Mallorca – a song that definitely awakened the first summer feelings and was again rotated on many radio stations. The album, for which she wrote all songs herself, was produced by Andreas Schibä“ Scheiben (Klangmalerei), Dan Suter (Echochamber) was responsible for the mastering.

After many concerts, one of which in the Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne (KKL), Melissa Lischer released her single ‘Color Explosions’, produced by Toby Meyer, on March 2016. The video clip for the song was filmed by iwish productions with much investment in the Grisons mountains.
Melissa Lischer on ‘Color Explosions’: “The song talks about creativity, colors and imaginations that go beyond our thinking.”

Melissa Lischer’s new single „Honest Song“ emphasizes particularly the musical and personal evolution she did during the last years.
With her label profimedia she looked for the sound she desired and this resulted in a cooperation with Rockstar Publishing and Creative Lounge in Mallorca. The last December the flights toward the island were booked and with Rico H (BobSpring, AnnA Lux, Inge Ginsberg, Clarice) and Van Velvet (Falko, Alexa Feser, Yvonne Catterfeld) she produced „Honest Song“. They registrated two other acoustic songs: „Autumn“ und „Black Bird“ as bonus at the pubblication. Rico H: “Create a new sound for an established artist is never easy. We invested a lot of time to get exactly what Melissa imagined. Thanks to her fantastic voice and big professionalism we managed it and the whole team is happy about the great result.”
Melissa didn’t lose her joy in telling stories and inluding sensitive issues in her music, but otherwise we will hear a new Melissa Lischer, approachable and exciting like never before.
Melissa Lischer waited for a long time not only for the single, also privately she’s expecting: soon she will become mother.
“Honest Song” will be published on the 3rd of February 2017.


Als Tabea Oppliger im März 2012 (Gründerin glowbalAct) in eine Vocalprobe Zürich kam und von ihrer Arbeit gegen Menschenhandel erzählte, hat mich dieses Thema nicht mehr losgelassen.

glowbalAct organisierte im Juni 2012 den ersten Stilettolauf, ein Charity Event um auf den Menschenhandel aufmerksam zu machen. Ich fragte mich, was kann ich tun, was kann ich dazu beitragen um gegen den Menschenhandel zu kämpfen. So entschied ich mich, einen Song zu schrieben, um auf den Menschenhandel aufmerksam zu machen. Zur Recherche, ging ich mit Tabea selber an die Langstrasse und an den Sihlquai um mir ein Bild der Situation zu verschaffen, was sehr einschneiden und schockierend war. Ich erkundigte mich im Internet über dieses Thema und so entstand der Song “Help”. Am 30.6.12 fand der erste Stilettolauf Zürich statt, an dem ich den Song „Help“ zum ersten Mal performte.

Mit meinem Song und Auftritten, unterstütze ich glowbalAct und ihre Arbeit, damit Menschen sensibilisiert werden, Frauen welche Opfer sind den Mut finden auszusteigen und gegen ihre Zuhälter Anzeige zu erstatten.


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